Mer of Mind

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Let me give you a word of warning. Sensitive, conscientious people run the risk of going overboard about finding and rooting out their sin. They desperately want to please God, and they think they can help him by looking for sin in their lives. They analyze every conversation and every action looking for sinful motives and wrong behavior. If this goes on long enough, they begin to find sin where there is none, and the focus of their lives becomes morbid self-absorption. Their noble desire to root out sin becomes a spiritual death trap of beating themselves up for any and all perceived wrongs. If you are a conscientious person, be careful not to try to do God’s job for him.
You can be very certain that the Holy Spirit will point out sin when he wants to. At that point, allow him to burn it away with the fire of his holiness and forgiveness, and give thanks for his grace and mercy. Then move on. I’ve seen the zeal of too many men and women lead them to destruction instead of joy. Don’t let that happen to you.
David Nasser, A Call to Die (via yesdarlingido)